Account Reconciliation

Automate Your Reconciliation Efforts
ALTA Alliance Bank's Account Reconciliation service is an automated method of balancing corporate accounts on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, while consolidating and economizing internal audit controls. Our Account Reconciliation service is most beneficial for businesses that regularly issue a large number of checks each month or find the automated reconciliation method a time-saving benefit for their accounting department. This flexibility allows you to receive a variety of reports reflecting debit, credit and, exception activity on your business accounts.

Account Reconcilement Services

Alta Alliance Bank offers either Full or Partial Account Reconciliation services that may be customized to meet a particular need. The selection of a particular service depends upon your accounting system capabilities:
  • Full Account Reconcilement. Full Account Reconciliation is the most complete account reconciliation service. After receiving a 'check issued' listing provided by you via direct data transmission, Alta Alliance Bank compares the information against captured 'check paid' information and produces multiple reports including a listing of outstanding checks. The detailed listing includes all checks issued, paid, and outstanding during the reconciliation period. Total item counts and dollar amounts are also printed for each category. Stop payments and voided checks may also be displayed on the report.
  • Partial Account Reconcilement. Partial Account Reconciliation provides a detailed listing of all checks paid during the reconciliation period. Items are identified by check number, amount, and paid date. This plan requires no input from you during the reconciliation period.

Benefits of Account Reconcilement Service

  • Saves time and money. Reduces labor expenses by saving clerical staff time.
  • Increased disbursement control. Increases control over disbursements with timely and accurate reconcilement.
  • Enhances internal controls and security. Improves audit control by documenting, tracking and verifying disbursements.
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