Cash Advance

Cash Today - For Sales you make tomorrow! At Advanced Business Capital your future sales are the asset that you leverage to access immediate working capital for the growth of your business.

If you qualify for our program, we will provide a cash advance on those future sales. You can use the cash for whatever your business needs, Including:
  • Advertising
  • Emergency Expenses
  • Equipment Upgrades or Repair
  • Remodeling or Expansion
  • Requirements
  • Need to be in business for as little as 12 months. (Some exceptions)
  • Business Must accept MasterCard and VISA
  • The Visa/MC sales total is $5000 per month or more
  • Must be located in the United States
The Process is simple
Fills out a simple 3-page application and provide us with 4 months of MC/VISA statements.
Approval takes only a few days.
A representative calls the merchant to set up the MC/VISA processing to facilitate the pay back.
The money is wired directly to the merchant's account in approximately 10 to 15 business days.
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