Loans & Lines of Credit

Signed personal financial statements with detailed footnotes and supportable data, such as basis of values, details of debt, verification of liquidity, contingent liabilities, etc.
Federal tax returns and financial information on applicable partnerships for the most recent three years.
Resume or biography.
Understanding the Loan Process
Conceptual idea of project. You should contact a contractor or architect to discuss and obtain preliminary conceptual design and costs.
Contact Alta Alliance Bank to schedule a meeting with one of our Real Estate professionals to discuss the project and decide on an appropriate course of action based on the merits of the project.
Submit a complete loan request package to Alta Alliance Bank. If the project meets our underwriting criteria an appraisal and other third-party investigations will be ordered. These costs are borne by the borrower and generally are paid prior to engaging the services of the third-party providers. The due diligence and loan underwriting process begins at this point.
If we decide not to continue with your request, we will contact you and advise you of our concerns. You may correct any deficiencies within your ability and resubmit the loan package for our re-review.
The complete loan package is then underwritten for conformity with the Bank's lending standards. All decisions are made locally and in an expeditious manner.
On notification of approval the loan will be documented and closed at a convenient location. This may be at a title company or at the bank or if so desired at another suitable place that is convenient for you.
Our commercial real estate professionals are committed to promptly responding to your financing needs, and we welcome the opportunity to work with you!
Equipment Loans
Alta Alliance Bank's Equipment Loans are designed to provide you and your company with valuable financing alternatives. We offer all types of equipment leasing and financing options, such as upgrading your technology, expanding your product line or increasing your plant's efficiency. Our equipment-financing plans are tailored to meet your needs.
Letters of Credit
An Alta Alliance Bank Letter of Credit can help your business secure the purchase of goods on a domestic or international level. Our lending professionals can help you structure your trade transactions to avoid the discrepancies and inconsistencies that can result in increased costs, delays and potential loss of business.
Loans - Other
Contact us directly for information on other types of loans not included here.
Overdraft Protection
Protect your business account from an overdraft with Alta Alliance Bank's Reserve Line.
Our Reserve Line is a revolving line of credit that is attached to your checking account. Funds are automatically transferred from your Reserve Line's available credit limit to your checking account to pay for checks or other items that are larger than your checking account's balance.
Need additional cash in a hurry? You can also initiate advances against your Reserve Line for any amount up to your credit limit to help pay for expected or unexpected expenses. You simply repay the amount of the line used in full, or in monthly installments.
There's no need to worry about overdrawn accounts - or overdraft fees - with Alta Alliance Bank's Reserve Line. Please contact one of our loan officers to learn more.
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