Torrey Pines Bank

The Torrey Pines Bank founders' vision was to fill a void in the financial services world by providing the high level of customer service and sophisticated product offerings businesses and consumers deserve but have difficulty finding. They opened their doors in October 2006, and today a diverse staff delivers on that vision every day.

As a subsidiary of Western Alliance Bancorporation, one of the fastest-growing financial service organizations in the nation, the bank offers a broader array of product and larger credit capacity than most community banks and deliver a more personalized, responsive customer experience than large financial institutions.

The customers know they can expect the best from us because they experience the difference that banking at Torrey Pines makes.

Community Banking
Community banking is built on providing personalized service to local friends, family and business colleagues, and we take great pride in keeping that foundation strong. The Torrey Pines ""difference"" is real, and our customers cite the confidence they have in working with people they know and trust. Their talented employees are experienced professionals who know the local market environments and have deep expertise in serving specific niche industries and professions. Along with the innovative products and services they deliver, a staff brings a strong customer-service focus to every banking relationship they have.
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