Wire Transfers

Secure, Timely Transfers
When you need to complete a timely and critical business transaction, take advantage of the power of Wire Transfers service from Alta Alliance Bank. Wire transfers allow you to securely send your money anywhere throughout the world - quickly and easily. You may initiate one-time wire transfers or recurring transfers to meet your business demands. With recurring wires, you simply input the dollar amount and date, then approve and send the wire - the ""from"" and ""to"" banking information stays the same. You may also initiate non-recurring wires both domestically and internationally with just a few keystrokes in a secure Internet environment.

  • State of the art Internet security via 128 bit secured socket layer encryption.
  • Multiple layers of security are available as defined by your company policies and procedures.
  • Send U.S. dollars or foreign currency wires based on your needs.
  • Online reporting of incoming wires posting to your account throughout the day.

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