3 Steps to Living Debt Free

Getting out of debt can be like climbing a mountain. The bigger the debt, the harder it is to reduce it. This is because of the exorbitant interest rates that are charged on credit cards… on the other hand, if your debt only consists of a mortgage or student loan, you have a better chance of being able to pay it off. But, no matter what type of debt you have, these three steps will start you down the path to debt relief.

The first step  to take in paying off your debt is to consolidate all your debts into one. If you have multiple credit cards that carry balances, mortgage payments, and student loan payments,  you should figure out exactly how much you owe altogether. Once you have a set amount of how much you owe, create a spreadsheet of your monthly income and expenses.  Calculate how much money you have leftover each month after all your expenses are paid off (only including necessary expenses).

Next, you want to come up with a timeline of when your debt should be paid off. If you want to pay off all your debt within one year, divide the total amount you owe by 12. The number you get, is the amount you should be putting towards your debt payments each month. Now, divide the total amount you owe by 365. This number tells you how much you should set aside for debt payments every single day. Make sure the number you get for monthly payments falls within the amount of money you have leftover each month after expenses.

Let’s do an example together. You currently have $15,000 total in debt. You’ve calculated that you have $500 leftover each month after necessary expenses. We begin by dividing $15,000 by 12.  This means you’re going to need to put $1250 towards your debt each month. Unfortunately, you don’t make that much money… so instead of paying off your debt in one year, it will take you a little more than three years to pay off your debt completely. To do this, you’ll have to make payments of $416 each month ($15,000) for the next three years. This comes out to making daily payments of $13 towards your debt.

Settlement Repayments

There is an assortment of ways people arrive at receive a certain number of settlement repayments – compensation claims, annuity necessary arrangements, and such like. Whatever your state, if you are planning on selling a person’s structured settlement for your lump amount of cash, often times there are important considerations. First, a few that it’s even possible to offer your methodized settlement; isn’t always the situation. Even should it be possible, you need to be cognizant of the bills and charges involved. Below will be some necessary tips that really should not ignore.

Earliest, if you have got not wrapped up your allege yet, consider if finding a structured agreement is a good selection for anyone. It can’t be stressed well enough – now is a good time to make a decision between a new structured agreement payment plan or even a lump total. Anything that you simply do once the structured settlement is due to place may invariably require additional costs for your requirements. Keep on your mind that mixture arrangements can occasionally be reached – an inferior lump summarizes front in conjunction with smaller organized annuity repayments, for a case study.

If the structured settlement has already been in a site, keep on your mind that it was subsequently probably put in place right from the start in a manner that is tax-advantaged in your case. You could possibly, therefore, contain significant levy penalties would like to sell your repayments for any lump add. Be sure to check out a overtax adviser to find the best advice to your case.

Quite often, sellers in structured settlements encountered federal or simply state restriction. There will be some got regulations which intern limit your sale about structured pay outs and around 2/3 in states have got similar suitable restrictions. Figure out which procedures, if any kind of, apply in your own situation. Probably have, you need to obtain ct approval for any sale of one’s settlement expenditures.

Be Smart About Decision to Sell My Settlement

If you intend to sell any structured pay out then it is very important that you look around for a service that usually provide you one of the best price probable. Just while you would look for quotes with regards to life insurance policy or auto insurance, do similar when it comes to your built settlement.

To sell off structured settlements you should know what this entails. You won’t receive the entire cost of your structured settlement while you sell it to some company. The firm that wishes to purchase your structured settlement really wants to profit with the sale otherwise they’d not end up being so serious about it. The profits that they’re going to get will result of the payments for you to would have obtained had anyone chosen to not ever sell a settlement to begin with.

If you choose to sell your structured arrangement or happen to be presently within the mindset to bear in mind it, it is necessary that you are aware of that not one but two thirds of your states through the country space restrictions to the sale regarding structured negotiations. As nicely, there tend to be federal legislation on these sales. Why this is actually the case is definitely something you might need to check into for any state your home is in.

You might have to pay a visit to court to get the right selling your pay out. Many states also provide their own group of statutes the fact that regulates doing this of selling collected from one of party to a different. This would be to guarantee the fact that process is normally fair and the bash selling isn’t cheated by the organization or enterprise that would like to buy your settlement. Education concerning the entire process is a must. Never sell off without complete understanding of what it should mean for you personally!

In several cases the insurance broker that gives you the actual annuities that go together with the organized settlement could possibly dispute the actual sale to the stage where you simply won’t be capable to sell in the least. Prepare in the future up towards some opposition with this matter. The insurance vendor may apply policy language for a reason that they’re not happy to cooperate using the sale on the structured negotiation. They may additionally tell you the fact that payments are not to be assigned to other people but you will.

How to Sell My Settlement Funds

A deal paid such where your defendant, the complainant’s attorney and also a financial rep agrees in paying funds in installment in lieu of paying a lot of at once known as a arranged settlement. This often happens every time a plaintiff decides to stay the court case through a large number of money. Generally, a settlement is carried out by purchasing several annuities which will guarantee tomorrow payments must be made.

Buying a settlement deal simply is determined by how simultaneously parties arranged the payments that they are done Such as, the settlement might be paid by annual obligations within lots of years, or throughout periodic mass sums one time every year or so.

One good thing about having money is enable you to avoid levy. With an appropriate set-up, funds like this will significantly slow up the plaintiff’s tax burden obligations being an offshoot of your settlement once more. There are generally even occasions when becomes definitely tax totally free.

A settlement could also protect a plaintiff via dissipating all the funds meant to manage future must have. There are when structured relief even secure the plaintiff as a result of himself – there are actually people who find themselves just damaging with controlling money, primarily in too much to handle amounts; and usually there are some who are unable to refuse one’s own relatives who would like to take part with the wealth dollars. Large settlement deal pays are frequently exhausted very easily and speedily.

People who may have settlements are sometimes approached as a result of companies focused on buying that settlement, or could possibly be curious when you’ve got intentions selling the a certain number of settlement in substitution for a large sum buyout. A uncertain two thirds however states currently have laws in which prohibit individuals to sell its structured deal, while tax-free settlements are subjected to some federal restrictions on the sale to a 3rd party.

How to Sell My Settlements Online

In the start of 1980, then structural pay out experienced a big growth this was attributed on the federal tax which was thanks to 1982 amendment of your tax prefix. Structure arrangement payments usually are settlement decided by any victim together with a defendant. This can be whereby an important victim will get tax-free money on the defendant to get to know the wounded person’s necessities in a small amount rather than being supplied a large sum at a time.

Once it agreement have been made, the defendant is just not in almost any position in changing that. This way of settlement is most regularly used in recent times. It is usually preferred for the reason that both parties that can be involved benefit in a way that the particular victim will get his salary directly through the defendant, plus the defendant in return for gets some sort of litigation as manner of reaching money agreement.

The structural settlement technique of agreement was developed to replace the conventional way regarding settlement whereby were typically compensated through a single hard cash payment. Within the structured deal agreement, the recipient receives income structured payments with a periodic base. This suggests that annuity payments could be paid over the period associated with months or perhaps years.

By simply selling potential future payments, many persons receive premiums under a great agreement they can dispose a number their payments and stay paid good cash add. Instead of anticipating future revenues of installment payments, by getting at this money an individual may be capable to meet every day needs regarding his/her household without a whole lot of problems.

For that reason, the phrase factoring in such cases means it of getting to an agreement selling one right of long run payments to stay companies which in return for allow for any preset value with the money. Throughout future once weighing just about any options, it can be better to attempt to work humor financially capable companies which might be ethical as well competent.

Tax Debt Settlement

When you need it arises, people require money rapidly. They will not have the time for you to wait because of their annuity obligations. Luckily electrical power companies which will purchase ones structured arrangement annuity in order to have the amount of money at any given time the virtually all. There is generally various logic behind why people choose selling organized settlement annuities some exercise voluntarily while other people sell since they have hardly any other decision Whatever “, having the buyer to show to with time of need is really a welcome option for anybody concerned.

Primarily, to realize what an organized settlement is actually, it’s only a financial understanding where you could be getting paid out from a particular insurance arrangement or other sorts of type involving settlement. It’s going to paid employing an annuity. The payments are designed in constantly scheduled payments over time instead of 1 bulk pay out. However, there are many decide to market their annuity payments simply because they don’t are looking for the cap of expecting each disbursement. Examples of the reasons for the purpose of selling the structured settlement happens because they require it for their particular children’s education and learning, a health-related emergency or even because they are starting profitable business.

There are kinds of annuities that the individual is permitted to sell. Believe it or not even health-related malpractice negotiation, personal injuries settlement, device liability pay out, or by a wrongful passing away settlement is usually sold. You can actually receive the lump quantity cash for the purpose of shared, somewhat, or actually complete buyouts to suit one’s plan you decide on.

Take observe though that you simply submit useful documents for you personally as a way to sell a settlement annuity. Examples of these are the finished copy on the application, typically the annuity insurance policy documents, typically the extended launch or the actual settlement contract, a current copy on the annuity check out or stub, a tax go back, two recognition cards (one requires a photo), holy matrimony license when applicable, separation decree in the event applicable, a copy that they Will as well as Probate file if convenient, and reports of any kind of assignment, minor changes, and various other papers which might be related towards the structured negotiation annuity.

Cash Advance

Cash Today - For Sales you make tomorrow! At Advanced Business Capital your future sales are the asset that you leverage to access immediate working capital for the growth of your business.

If you qualify for our program, we will provide a cash advance on those future sales. You can use the cash for whatever your business needs, Including:
  • Advertising
  • Emergency Expenses
  • Equipment Upgrades or Repair
  • Remodeling or Expansion
  • Requirements
  • Need to be in business for as little as 12 months. (Some exceptions)
  • Business Must accept MasterCard and VISA
  • The Visa/MC sales total is $5000 per month or more
  • Must be located in the United States
The Process is simple
Fills out a simple 3-page application and provide us with 4 months of MC/VISA statements.
Approval takes only a few days.
A representative calls the merchant to set up the MC/VISA processing to facilitate the pay back.
The money is wired directly to the merchant's account in approximately 10 to 15 business days.

Quick Online Auto Loans

Finance your new car the simple way with quick online auto loans

Paying for Your New Car

The car-buying process is not exactly an easy one. You have to do a lot of research, shop around, and try to find the right vehicle at the right price. If you've made it through all of this, then you're probably trying to figure out a way to pay for your new car. Fortunately, thanks to quick online auto loans, financing your new vehicle doesn't have to be the time-consuming hassle it once was. You can get quick online auto loans without ever having to leave the comfort of your home. What's more, quick online auto loans offer some of the most competitive interest rates available, so you will pay hundreds or even thousands less than you would with dealer financing.

About Quick Online Auto Loans

Here are several of the benefits of getting quick online auto loans:
  • Quotes from quality lenders across the country
  • Competitive rates
  • Lenders must compete for your business
  • Obtain a loan without ever leaving your house
  • Get up to five quotes for free
  • No obligation
  • Easy online sign-up form

Sign up Now for Quick Online Auto Loans

You can sign up for quick online auto loans by filling out our brief online sign-up form. The form will ask you for contact information, such as your name, address, and phone number. As soon as we have your information, we will provide you with up to five free quotes on quick online auto loans. Sign up for your quotes today!

Auto Loans: How It Works

Learn more about quick online auto loans here. We'll explain what they are, what types of loans are available, and how our quotation process works.

Quick Online Auto Loans Explained

Quick online auto loans are a faster, more affordable, and more convenient alternative to traditional dealership or bank or credit union auto financing. Historically, to find an auto loan, you would either have to pay the outrageous interest rates of dealership financing or go through a bank or credit union. Though traditional lenders like banks and credit unions can offer lower rates than the dealership, they are very inconvenient and time-consuming. To get an independent auto loan from a traditional lender, you have to visit several banks or credit unions to find the best deal, fill out stacks of application materials, and wait for hours or even days for the process to be completed. Quick online auto loans can spare you this hassle. You can get all the convenience of dealership financing with the competitive low rates of bank or credit union financing.

Signing up for Quick Online Auto Loans

You can sign up for quotes on quick online auto loans in a matter of minutes on our site. Here is what you'll need to do:
  • Fill out the online form. First provide us with your contact information on our sign-up form. The form takes only a couple minutes to complete and is free to fill out.
  • You get at least four free quotes instantly. The second you submit your form, we will provide you with at least four free quotes on quick online auto loans. You will see these quotes side-by-side to help you compare loans quickly and easily.
  • Apply for the loan of your choice or save the quotes for later. If you see a loan that's right for you, you can apply for it on the lender's website. You can also save your quotes and return later.

Types of Auto Loans

Quick online auto loans are only one option you have when financing your new vehicle. Here is a brief list of the various ways you can pay for your new car.

Dealership Financing

The overwhelming majority of carbuyers opt to go with dealership financing to pay for their new vehicle simply for the sake of convenience. With dealership financing, you can do one-stop-shopping where you buy and finance the car all in one fell swoop. However, this convenience comes at a steep price. Dealers inflate the interest rates of the loans they give you in order to make a profit. In fact, dealerships regularly make more money on the financing of a vehicle than they do on the actual sale. For this reason, you are much better off financially going with quick online auto loans or another type of independent loan. With these types of loans, you don't have to worry about the interest inflation caused by the dealer middleman.

Traditional Independent Financing

Quick online auto loans are a type of independent financing, which basically refers to financing outside of the dealership. However, traditional independent financing refers to loans obtained from bricks-and-mortar banks or credit unions. These loans can provide rates that are fairly comparable to those of quick online auto loans, but they are not as convenient or accessible. To get these loans, you have to physically visit a bank or a credit union and sometimes even pay to apply.

Quick Online Auto Loans

Quick online auto loans combine the best of both worlds-the ease of financing with a dealership with the competitively low rates of traditional independent financing. With quick online auto loans, you can qualify for a loan and walk into a dealership with a check for the exact amount of your new vehicle. Additionally, the rates on quick online auto loans will be some of the best available, as our site forces lenders to compete for your business with their top rivals. Quick online auto loans make independent financing faster and more affordable than ever.

Home Equity Auto Loans

Another option some buyers consider is a home equity auto loan. Though these loans can provide rates that are close to those of quick online auto loans, the stakes are much higher for home equity loans. If you fall behind on payments with this type of loan, the bank could repossess your house. For most, this is too large of a risk to take for a car. We welcome your questions, so please visit our FAQ page.

Best Time To Consolidate Federal Student Loans

There are a lot of college graduates looking to consolidate federal student loans because of too many loan accounts taken out in college. As many as the years it took to finish the course, so are the student loans that was used to finance the college education. Cost of attendance is not cheap and in fact has been increasing year on year,

This is one of the main reasons why student loan borrowers are choosing to consolidate federal student loans, to simplify the process. From having to juggle a lot of student loan accounts every month, consolidating the loan will yield one payment amount, one interest rate and one payment due date.

It is because of this unique advantage that college debt holders are choosing to consolidate their federal loans. Plus the fact that the interest rate is just averaged. Even though the new rate will be higher than the previously lowest rate, it will also be lower the what used to be a high interest rate. With this in mind, when is the best time for student loan borrowers to start processing their federal loan  consolidation?

Best time to consolidate federal loans

There are  a lot of student loan borrowers who are undergoing federal loan consolidation at different points in their life. There are those who feel it is just right to start consolidating while in senior college year while some prefer consolidating a good few years into their job. It really works differently for people but here are two best times to consider when you want to consolidate federal student loans.

Grace period

Federal student loans has a grace period from the time a borrower separates from school. It commonly means graduation after fulfilling the units needed to graduate with the chosen major. Separation from school could also mean falling below half-time student status. This could be from taking few units on a given school year. Dropping out from school also equates to separating from the school.

All the instances mentioned above can trigger the grace period to start for federal student loans. This is normally a six-month period that the government provides to borrowers that are already separated from school to get a job. And this is normally what graduates do with the time they have for their payment grace period,they look for  a job to be able to make the payments in their student loans.

But this is also a good time to consider and prepare the necessary documents to consolidate federal student loans. This will work best if a borrower has multiple student loans because it will combine all the accounts under one payment amount with one interest rate due on a single payment date. Having to consolidate federal student loans is also easy because the government made the application online. You just have to log in to Studentloans.gov.

While in payment postponement

Deferment honors the subsidy of payment interest on subsidized student loans and those that are not qualified for them can look into forbearance. Student loan holders who are encountering financial hardships are those that apply for these payment postponements.

While in deferment or forbearance, you can look into consolidating your student loans to be able to manage them more easily when you resume repayment on your college debt. There is a big chance that your interest will accrue for unsubsidized student loans or when you are in forbearance but this is better than defaulting on your payment. While you are trying to get back on your feet financially, it is best to prepare to consolidate federal student loans while you are not making payments.

Repayment status of student loan borrowers

Just as any other loans, student debt has to be repaid at some point. Federal student loans are even better than most consumer loans because repayment only starts after separation from school past the grace period. But for those carrying student loans, only a few are current on their payments.
  • Payment postponement. There are 44% of student loan borrowers who postponed paying for their student loans as of 2012. From these borrowers, the 30% are in forbearance and has their interest payments accruing by the month. The other 14% are in deferment and their payments are still the same amount.
  • In repayment. About 56% of the student loan holders are already at the repaying stage of their college debt. Newyorkfed.org shared that 39% are current on their payments and around 17% are behind on their payments

Things to do before consolidating federal student loans

As you choose to consolidate federal student loans, here are a few things that you can look into to prepare for loan consolidation.
  • Look for all original documents. Whenever you take out federal student loans, you need to take good care of the loan documents being given to you. It is best to have electronic copies for back-ups but you still need to have the original loan documents for your file and reference.
  • Audit all student loans. With all your documents, you can easily do an inventory of all you student loans. All the amounts and interest rates. You will need all these information to be able to apply for a DIrect Consolidation Loan for federal student loans. You need to include all your federal student loans so you can maximize the benefits of the program.
  • Get an estimate using a student loan payment calculator. Before you consolidate federal student loans, it would be great to check out the payment amounts using a student loan payment calculator. This will help you manage payment expectations and prepare you for what the estimate amount would be. It will also show you how much interest payment you will be making.It can even compare other repayment options suchas standard repayment and income-based plans.
  • Talk to your loan servicer. It is best to communicate with your loan servicer to let them know of your plan and to double check the loan details that you have with you. They can also let you know about other repayment options that are available for your federal student loans. They can also give you more information about loan consolidation especially if you have questions about the process.
  • Direct consolidation loan. This is the process where most of federal student loans are consolidated and the interest rates are averaged. This is an easy process and it would help to learn as much about it as possible.

Preparing for loan consolidation

Here are a few more things you need to look into when you are already set in consolidating your federal student loans.
  • Salary. Be sure to have a steady source of income. It normally comes from a steady employment or a good business opportunity.
  • Self improvement. It could benefit your capacity to earn more if you look on how you can invest in improving your skills as an employee or as a business owner.
  • Funds. As you consolidate your loans and find that it frees up some dollars on your budget. it is best to start up some essential funds you would need in life. This can include an emergency fund and a retirement fund. You can also start saving for a college fund for your future kids to prevent the same thing from happening to them.
When you want to consolidate federal student loans to make the repayment easier, there are perfect opportunities to do this. But be sure you are prepared by having all the documents, looking into the possible payment amounts and making sure you are able to meet the payments.

Personal Banking: Savings Solutions

Statement Savings
Put A Little Away Each Day

It takes time to build your savings. That's why our Statement Savings accounts require no minimum deposit and customers receive:

Interest compounded monthly.
40 FREE items per month (charged or credited).
No monthly service charge on accounts provided a $200 average monthly balance is maintained. (Kids' Accounts exempt.)
Link your account to STAR® for 24-hour access to your funds. Just $1/month gives you unlimited STAR® transactions*. ($1 charged to your primary STAR® account only).

Insured Money Market Accounts
Put Your Lazy Money To Work

Treasury Indexed Money Market
Our Treasury Indexed Money Market account rewards customers on their investment amount with an annual percentage yield tied to the current three-month T-bill rate, as published in the Wall Street Journal on the last business day of the month.

A balance of $50,000 or more earns 100% of the three-month T-bill rate, balances of $25,000 to $49,999 earn 80% of the three-month T-bill rate. Balances less than $25,000 earn a market rate of interest that is subject to change daily.

Premier Choice Money Market
Our Premier Choice Money Market offers the advantage of earning money at market-based rates with a minimum daily balance of $2,000. Earn an even higher rate with a balance of $10,000 or more. Your money will continue to earn interest (based on our Statement Savings rate) should the balance drop below the minimum.

For your convenience you may access your money market funds by using our FREE Telephone Banking or Web Banking service to make transfers to your HNB checking account. You may also make an unlimited number of personal or STAR® withdrawals. Pre-authorized money market withdrawals are limited to six per month, of which no more than three may be by check. (The charge for STAR® is $1 per month charged to your primary STAR® account.)

Certificates of Deposit
Security, Flexibility, & Earning Power

Our certificates are designed to give you the ultimate in flexibility. You pick the maturity that best fits your needs, and let our daily compounding work for you.

From time to time, we offer special promotions on our Certificates of Deposit. View our current rates online, or ask a Harleysville National Bank and Trust Company representative about any unique offers when you shop for your CD.

Individual Retirement Accounts

All of us hope to enjoy a productive, financially secure retirement, but it takes planning. At Harleysville National Bank and Trust Company, we are committed to helping you attain your financial goals. We offer a variety of retirement planning accounts, including several Individual Retirement Account (IRA) options.

Traditional IRA and Roth IRA

With a traditional IRA, contributions can be tax-deductible from your gross income. You may be able to claim the deduction even if you don't itemize deductions on your taxes. Retirement savings grow tax-deferred, then earnings are taxed upon withdrawal.

With a Roth IRA, no tax deduction is allowed for contributions, but if certain requirements are met, distributions can be entirely tax-free. Earnings grow tax deferred and your contributions will not be taxed upon withdrawal.

Coverdell Education Savings Account

The Coverdell Education Savings Account is a type of tax-advantaged savings account specifically for paying qualified education expenses from kindergarten through 12th grade, college or trade school. A $2,000, non-tax deductible contribution may be made annually. Virtually anyone can contribute, and qualified distribution are tax-free.

Not only can you select a Traditional, Roth or Coverdell Education Savings
Account, but HNB gives you the flexibility to select the best type of
investment for you - Fixed or Variable Rate, or Self-Directed. Fixed or Variable rate IRA funds are insured separately from any other non-Retirement Plan monies up to $100,000 by the FDIC. Click here to check our current rates.

Additional Retirement Planning Services are available through HNB's Investment Management and Trust Division.

Club Savings Plans

If you're saving for a specific goal, an HNB special-purpose club may be just what you need.

Choose a fixed amount to save. (Subject to an early withdrawal fee.)
Club earns simple interest whether or not the club is completed.
Harleysville National Bank also offers a club savings plan timed to mature when the holiday shopping season begins. For these clubs:

Clubs can be opened beginning the first part of October through mid-February.
Clubs mature in October of the following year.
Simple interest is earned whether or not the club is completed.
Choose a fixed amount to save. (Subject to an early withdrawal fee.)
For your convenience, club payments are automatically deducted from your HNB checking account.
To begin a club savings plan, stop by any branch and speak to a customer service representative.

Kids Banking

How can you teach kids and young adults to save money? Open a Harleysville National Bank Kids Account, and put your kids on the road to saving for the future.

What Is A Kids Account?
When your children become a part of our Kids Banking program, they will receive a specially designed savings book just for them. Choose from:

Baby's First Bank Book: Designed to save your baby's first nest egg.
Kids Bank Book: For kids ages 5 to 12. A place to deposit their allowance and birthday money.
Teen Bank Book: A place for your teenager to save for college, a car, a stereo - whatever their dream happens to be. (Account available to teens through age 22.)
Kids' Accounts earn interest, compounded monthly, based on the Bank's statement savings rate. As a variable rate account, the interest rate is subject to change daily at the Bank's discretion.
Access To Harleysville National Bank's Kids' Job Bank
As a public service to our young customers, we compile a list of local employment and volunteer opportunities for younger people. This list is available from any of our branch locations or check the list online anytime!

Special Events
We hold special events designed just for kids. As a member of our Kids Banking program, you'll be invited to Santa Day to meet Santa. Other special events include tours of our bank, special drawings and more.

Books for Bucks
To encourage children to read over the summer, we developed our Books for Bucks program. We'll deposit $1 for every book your child reads over the summer into his/her Kid's Account (maximum credit $10). The program, available to kids ages 5-12, begins in June and ends by the second week in September.

Child Care ID Kit
Receive a FREE Child Registry handbook and a supply of Lifesaver ID Tags®. The handbook will help you record important information about your child should an emergency ever occur. Take advantage of Lifesaver ID Tags which can be sewn into a child's clothes or attached to shoelaces. The ID Tags provide lifesaving information if a child is lost or injured.

Let Us Help You Teach Your Kids About Saving
Teach your kids about banking by getting them involved. Let them do their own banking at our special kid's counters, designed especially for them.

Visit or call any one of our offices for full details on how your kids can sign up for Harleysville National Bank & Trust Company's Kids Banking program, or apply online!

Torrey Pines Bank

The Torrey Pines Bank founders' vision was to fill a void in the financial services world by providing the high level of customer service and sophisticated product offerings businesses and consumers deserve but have difficulty finding. They opened their doors in October 2006, and today a diverse staff delivers on that vision every day.

As a subsidiary of Western Alliance Bancorporation, one of the fastest-growing financial service organizations in the nation, the bank offers a broader array of product and larger credit capacity than most community banks and deliver a more personalized, responsive customer experience than large financial institutions.

The customers know they can expect the best from us because they experience the difference that banking at Torrey Pines makes.

Community Banking
Community banking is built on providing personalized service to local friends, family and business colleagues, and we take great pride in keeping that foundation strong. The Torrey Pines ""difference"" is real, and our customers cite the confidence they have in working with people they know and trust. Their talented employees are experienced professionals who know the local market environments and have deep expertise in serving specific niche industries and professions. Along with the innovative products and services they deliver, a staff brings a strong customer-service focus to every banking relationship they have.


Sedrick Tydus is the Executive Vice President and Division President for the Bay Area Market. In this role, Sedrick is responsible for leading the Torrey Pines Bank strategic initiatives to expand the bank’s reputation and increase market share.

Sedrick is a long-time prominent Bay Area resident with a distinguished career in commercial and retail banking. His background includes working for successful national, regional and community banks. As such, Sedrick is a recognized expert on the Bay Area business climate; he is a frequent contributor to the local press and is often quoted in business publications.

Prior to joining Torrey Pines Bank Sedrick was the President & CEO of Alta Alliance Bank, a bank he helped organize in 2006.

Mr. Tydus holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Dartmouth College and an MBA from Stanford University. He is on the Board of Directors of Oakland Military Institute, the Board of Director of Oakland Schools Foundation and the Board of Directors of the Piedmont Boys Scout Council. His past community service includes such organizations as Friends of Oakland Parks and Recreation, San Francisco Girls Chorus, Goodwill Industries of the East Bay, the Bay Area Urban League and Oasis Charter High School.

Deposit Services

Checking Accounts
Alta Essential Checking
Our Alta Essential Checking is designed for companies with a small to moderate amount of account activity. Free basic Internet Banking is included along with Bill Pay services for $6.95 per month.

$500.00 Minimum Opening Balance
$15.00 Monthly Service Charge
Up to 20 deposits per month. Deposits in excess of 20 (21 and above) are $1.00 per deposit.
No charge for up to 150 checks. Checks in excess of 150 (151 and above) are $0.15 per item.
No charge for up to $10,000 of currency and coin deposited or furnished. Over $10,000 is $1.25 per $1,000 of currency and coin deposited or furnished.
No charge for up to 200 items deposited. Items deposited in excess of 200 (201 and above) are $0.14 per item.
Monthly service charge waived for accounts with a $2,500.00 Minimum Daily Balance.
Alta Elite Checking
Our interest-bearing Alta Elite Checking allows the sole proprietorship or nonprofit charitable corporation or organization to earn interest on funds in the checking account while providing a comprehensive set of services. Free basic Internet Banking is included along with Bill Pay services for $6.95 per month.

$500.00 Minimum Opening Balance
$15.00 Monthly Service Charge
Up to 20 deposits per month. Deposits in excess of 20 (21 and above) are $1.00 per deposit.
No charge for up to 150 checks. Checks in excess of 150 (151 and above) are $0.15 per item.
No charge for up to $10,000 of currency and coin deposited or furnished. Over $10,000 is $1.25 per $1,000 of currency and coin deposited or furnished.
No charge for up to 200 items deposited. Items deposited in excess of 200 (201 and above) are $0.14 per item.
Monthly service charge waived for accounts with a $3,000.00 Minimum Daily Balance.
Alta Analysis Checking
Our Alta Analysis Checking is designed for companies with a high volume of account activity or special service business requirements. An earnings credit is calculated and applied to your relationship based on your collected balances maintained to help offset any service charges.

$500.00 Minimum Opening Balance
Service charge based on earnings credit and account activity.
See the Account Analysis Fee Schedule
Community-Care Checking Account
Our Community-Care Checking Account is an interest-bearing checking account. It helps nonprofit organizations benefit from a variety of sophisticated products and services that offer cost-effective value in handling banking transactions.

$2,500 minimum opening balance
$75 if the daily balance falls below $20,000
Remote e-Deposit
Online banking
No-charge courier service once a month
Complimentary use of bank conference rooms
Line-of-Credit access
On-site customer service
Unlimited Domestic Wire Transfers per month
Unlimited Cashier’s Checks per month
500 free items deposited per month (and just $0.14 for items exceeding that volume)
100 checks written for free per month (and just $0.12 for every check written over that amount)
No charge for any cash deposited
Monthly maintenance fee of $75 is waived with a daily business balance of $20,000.
Good-Faith Checking Account
Our Good-Faith Checking Account is an interest bearing checking account. It helps religious organizations benefit from a variety of sophisticated products and services that offer cost-effective value in handling banking transactions.

$2,500 minimum opening balance
$75 if the daily balance falls below $20,000
Remote e-Deposit
Online banking
Complimentary use of bank conference rooms
On-site customer service
Night-drop at hundreds of Bay Area locations
4 Domestic Wire Transfers per month
4 Cashier’s Checks per month
500 free items deposited per month (and just $0.14 for items exceeding that volume)
100 checks written for free per month (and just $0.12 for every check written over that amount)
No charge for any cash deposited
Monthly maintenance fee of $75 is waived with a daily business balance of $20,000.
Lost or Stolen Card Procedures
If your card is lost or stolen immediately contact our 24 hour Customer Service Card Center at 1-866-450-1402.

Loans & Lines of Credit

Signed personal financial statements with detailed footnotes and supportable data, such as basis of values, details of debt, verification of liquidity, contingent liabilities, etc.
Federal tax returns and financial information on applicable partnerships for the most recent three years.
Resume or biography.
Understanding the Loan Process
Conceptual idea of project. You should contact a contractor or architect to discuss and obtain preliminary conceptual design and costs.
Contact Alta Alliance Bank to schedule a meeting with one of our Real Estate professionals to discuss the project and decide on an appropriate course of action based on the merits of the project.
Submit a complete loan request package to Alta Alliance Bank. If the project meets our underwriting criteria an appraisal and other third-party investigations will be ordered. These costs are borne by the borrower and generally are paid prior to engaging the services of the third-party providers. The due diligence and loan underwriting process begins at this point.
If we decide not to continue with your request, we will contact you and advise you of our concerns. You may correct any deficiencies within your ability and resubmit the loan package for our re-review.
The complete loan package is then underwritten for conformity with the Bank's lending standards. All decisions are made locally and in an expeditious manner.
On notification of approval the loan will be documented and closed at a convenient location. This may be at a title company or at the bank or if so desired at another suitable place that is convenient for you.
Our commercial real estate professionals are committed to promptly responding to your financing needs, and we welcome the opportunity to work with you!
Equipment Loans
Alta Alliance Bank's Equipment Loans are designed to provide you and your company with valuable financing alternatives. We offer all types of equipment leasing and financing options, such as upgrading your technology, expanding your product line or increasing your plant's efficiency. Our equipment-financing plans are tailored to meet your needs.
Letters of Credit
An Alta Alliance Bank Letter of Credit can help your business secure the purchase of goods on a domestic or international level. Our lending professionals can help you structure your trade transactions to avoid the discrepancies and inconsistencies that can result in increased costs, delays and potential loss of business.
Loans - Other
Contact us directly for information on other types of loans not included here.
Overdraft Protection
Protect your business account from an overdraft with Alta Alliance Bank's Reserve Line.
Our Reserve Line is a revolving line of credit that is attached to your checking account. Funds are automatically transferred from your Reserve Line's available credit limit to your checking account to pay for checks or other items that are larger than your checking account's balance.
Need additional cash in a hurry? You can also initiate advances against your Reserve Line for any amount up to your credit limit to help pay for expected or unexpected expenses. You simply repay the amount of the line used in full, or in monthly installments.
There's no need to worry about overdrawn accounts - or overdraft fees - with Alta Alliance Bank's Reserve Line. Please contact one of our loan officers to learn more.

Account Reconciliation

Automate Your Reconciliation Efforts
ALTA Alliance Bank's Account Reconciliation service is an automated method of balancing corporate accounts on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, while consolidating and economizing internal audit controls. Our Account Reconciliation service is most beneficial for businesses that regularly issue a large number of checks each month or find the automated reconciliation method a time-saving benefit for their accounting department. This flexibility allows you to receive a variety of reports reflecting debit, credit and, exception activity on your business accounts.

Account Reconcilement Services

Alta Alliance Bank offers either Full or Partial Account Reconciliation services that may be customized to meet a particular need. The selection of a particular service depends upon your accounting system capabilities:
  • Full Account Reconcilement. Full Account Reconciliation is the most complete account reconciliation service. After receiving a 'check issued' listing provided by you via direct data transmission, Alta Alliance Bank compares the information against captured 'check paid' information and produces multiple reports including a listing of outstanding checks. The detailed listing includes all checks issued, paid, and outstanding during the reconciliation period. Total item counts and dollar amounts are also printed for each category. Stop payments and voided checks may also be displayed on the report.
  • Partial Account Reconcilement. Partial Account Reconciliation provides a detailed listing of all checks paid during the reconciliation period. Items are identified by check number, amount, and paid date. This plan requires no input from you during the reconciliation period.

Benefits of Account Reconcilement Service

  • Saves time and money. Reduces labor expenses by saving clerical staff time.
  • Increased disbursement control. Increases control over disbursements with timely and accurate reconcilement.
  • Enhances internal controls and security. Improves audit control by documenting, tracking and verifying disbursements.

ACH Payroll Services

Let Direct Deposit of Payroll Work for You

Benefits of Direct Deposit of Payroll

Direct Deposit decreases check processing costs. With Direct Deposit, businesses reduce the cumulative costs of issuing paper checks and realize significant savings in their payroll expenses. As a result, the United States Federal government estimates that Direct Deposit saves millions in payroll costs annually.
Saves time and increases productivity. Direct Deposit of payroll eliminates the need for employees to go to the bank to cash or deposit their paychecks, which saves time and potentially increases the productivity of your business.
Convenience to employees. Employees enjoy the convenience and security of having their payroll check consistently deposited directly into their account even if they are away due to travel, vacation or illness.
Reduces administrative costs. Tasks such as processing and reconciling checks and replacing lost, stolen or stale-dated checks are eliminated with Direct Deposit, reducing your administrative costs.
Strengthens company relations with employees. Businesses enjoy enhanced employee relationships by offering a more efficient, reliable, and expedited payroll alternative through Direct Deposit.

ALTA AllianceLink

Make Deposits Anywhere
With our innovative Alta AllianceLink service, you can enjoy the personalized service and superior financial products of community banking almost anywhere in the United States.
Alta AllianceLink allows you to make deposits wherever you need to. You can deposit funds at a nearby bank branch of a major correspondent bank, and the bank electronically moves those deposits to your account while you monitor your deposit activity via Online Banking. You'll enjoy next-day funds availability and the convenience of a multi-state branch network.
  • Access to a multi-state financial institution with the hands-on personal attention that is 100% serviced by Alta Alliance Bank.
  • Alta AllianceLink delivers comprehensive banking services without the hassle of managing multiple bank relationships.
  • Convenience to employees. Employees enjoy the convenience and security of having their payroll check consistently deposited directly into their account even if they are away due to travel, vacation or illness.
  • Comprehensive deposit reconciliation by company location number is available to assist with identification and reconciliation of deposits.
  • You can deposit via a correspondent bank's ATM which electronically transfers funds to your Alta Alliance Bank business account.

Positive Pay

Companies that are committed to avoiding check fraud losses and are concerned about the reconcilement process are taking advantage of Alta Alliance Bank's Positive Pay service. Positive Pay has proven to be the most secure and effective mechanism to date for controlling check fraud losses. Advancements in computer technology are making it easier to produce authentic-looking counterfeit checks, resulting in substantial check fraud losses. Through a continuously updated issue file, Alta Alliance Bank is able to identify potentially fraudulent checks, making early detection and return of unauthorized checks prior to the expiration of federally regulated deadlines possible.
Multiple Advantages of Positive Pay:
  • Simplified reconcilement. Positive Pay simplifies your account reconciliation efforts. You simply provide complete check issuance information, detailing all disbursements before the items clear. Once the information is in Alta Alliance Bank's system, it is compared to checks as they are presented for payment. If the serial numbers and dollar amounts of presented items match exactly, the checks will be paid. Checks that fail to match issue data are reported directly to you, and Alta Alliance Bank can return unauthorized or altered items presented against your account through the banking system based upon your instructions. This service simplifies reconcilement; it ensures that only those items you have issued will be paid by the Bank, and it eliminates any items on the statement that do not match the actual issued checks.
  • Enhanced control. An e-mailed report detailing suspect items is generated each morning for your review. You instruct Alta Alliance Bank by e-mail or fax regarding any items to return. This option provides you with complete and efficient control of the review process. You are able to identify fraudulent items and still pay all legitimate ones by reviewing all suspect items.
  • System flexibility. Check issuance information may be delivered to Alta Alliance Bank via encrypted e-mail file attachment or direct transmission to the Bank's host system.
  • Exception criteria. Other exception criteria may be established including maximum dollar amount and date controls.

Wire Transfers

Secure, Timely Transfers
When you need to complete a timely and critical business transaction, take advantage of the power of Wire Transfers service from Alta Alliance Bank. Wire transfers allow you to securely send your money anywhere throughout the world - quickly and easily. You may initiate one-time wire transfers or recurring transfers to meet your business demands. With recurring wires, you simply input the dollar amount and date, then approve and send the wire - the ""from"" and ""to"" banking information stays the same. You may also initiate non-recurring wires both domestically and internationally with just a few keystrokes in a secure Internet environment.

  • State of the art Internet security via 128 bit secured socket layer encryption.
  • Multiple layers of security are available as defined by your company policies and procedures.
  • Send U.S. dollars or foreign currency wires based on your needs.
  • Online reporting of incoming wires posting to your account throughout the day.

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